BMW 3 series E30 324D engine oil capacity

Engine oil capacity BMW 3 series E30 324 D in quarts/liters is needed for an oil change including replacement of oil filter.

  • Car fuel use: diesel.
  • Engine code: M 21 D 24.
  • Engine capacity: 2443 cm³ (148,32 cubic inches).
  • BMW 3 series E30 324d engine oil capacity with filter: 5.25 quarts or 5 liters (1.3869 US gallons).
  • BMW 3 series E30 324d recommended engine oil: Castrol Magnatec 5w-40 C3. (check your owners manual for the exact type before adding new oil)
  • BMW 3 series E30 324d oil change intervals: 15000 km (9320 miles) / 12 months


Note: All measures are taken in: Liter [L, l], Quart (US) [qt (US), qt liq (US)], Gallon (US)

For instructions on how to reset service light indicator BMW 3 series  visit this page

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